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Note To Fuzzy...

Dear Fuzz,

Note To Fuzzy
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Welcome to note_to_fuzzy, a community designed for your letters to your small fuzzies, including hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, sugar gliders, degus, ferrets, or hedgehogs. Basically any small fuzzy pet.

Community Rules
1.) Please keep all entries in a "note" format. Anything else should be put behind a livejournal cut (see the FAQ if you don't know how). This includes asking for advice, asking for help, advertising related communities, etc.

2.) Please be kind to all posters. If you see someone doing something that you feel is unhealthy for their animals, or generally a bad idea, I encourage you to post a nice note to them letting them know why. To those who don't want to hear these things, I'd reccomend not posting here. If you cannot accept nice criticism, you are not ready to participate in a community. On the other hand, please do not flame people who don't know any better.

3.) We are a pro-rescue community. If you are a breeder, or not pro-rescue, you are still welcomed to participate, however, we do ask that you refrain from promoting breeding or buying from pet stores as a means of small fuzzy aquisition.

4.) Please refrain from posting blatant cases of animal abuse. If you own an animal and feel the need to abuse it, we don't want to hear about it. If you've rescued an animal who's had a sad life, feel free to post notes in reference to such, but in deference to those with soft hearts, please LJ cut it and indicate that it's sad/traumatic/etc. If you have pictures, please LJ cut them as well.

5.) You do not have to own said animal. Leaving notes to your roomies/parents/kids fuzzies is perfectly alright. :)

If you are having problems with another poster, please email me: kikayume@livejournal.com.

Communities for Fuzzies:

Guinea Pigs: guinea_pigs, cavies, cavy_lovers
Ferrets: ferretattitude
Mice: miceparadise, fancymice
Rats: ratties
Hedgehogs: hedgehogs
Chinchillas: chinchillin, chilla_hut
Rabbits: bunnyowners, rabbitowners
Degus: degus
Sugar Gliders: sugar_gliders

Other "Note_To" Communities:
note_to_cat, note_to_dog, note_to_ferret, note_to_self, note_to_inlaw, note_to_so, note_to_gods, note_to_ex, note_to_kid, note_to_machine, note_to_muse, note_to_prof, note_to_netjer, note_to_asshat

Great Websites for Fuzzies:




Guinea Pigs
GuineaLynx - Often referred to the "bible" of guinea pig ownership... with good reason!
Cavy Cages - Get your piggies out of those tiny pet store cages, and into bigger, cheaper Cavy Cages! Instructions on how to build cages. Also works for many other types of animals
Cavy Spirit - Catch the Cavy Spirit! Learn more about care and adoption of guinea pigs.
Pigloo - Rescue oriented guinea pig forum/community. Another great place to seek advice and look for pigs!

The House Rabbit Society - Includes a comprehensive guide to rabbit care, ownership, and health concerns.

Sugar Gliders

If you have any communities that you'd like to add, or websites to add, please feel free to email me: kikayume@livejournal.com.