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Note To Fuzzy...
Dear Fuzz,
Note to Anubis; Spike and Oscar 
1st-Dec-2009 05:24 pm
Galadriel: Not Amused
I know that I'm only your sitter for a few weeks, but when I tell you repeatedly to use your puppy pads and you always seem to miss? Don't look so surprised when you hear me raise my voice at the poop I just stepped in. There are so many stray tomcats in this neighborhood, and all of them bigger than you. I will not take you out after dark because my night vision just isn't good enough to keep close watch while I take you out on your leash.

Understanding love,
The Big Lady That Cares For You

Spike and Oscar,
I'm sorry I haven't moved you downstairs yet. I fear what the puppy may do to you if I were to move you into an area he's allowed in. What with you being guinea pigs, it's too risky to try. I love you, my boys.

Your Human Mother
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