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Note To Fuzzy...
Dear Fuzz,
Dear Porthos, my little spastirat, You are the most enthusiastic,… 
13th-Jan-2008 07:23 pm
Dear Porthos, my little spastirat,

You are the most enthusiastic, intelligent, energetic ratlet I have ever had. If you would only let me fit the harness properly, I am sure that you wouldn't hate it so much. I know we let you run around without one at home, but when I take you out to conventions, you won't be able to be out without a leash. It sucks, but it is for your safety.

Also, the cats aren't happy when you play tag with them. But we think it is adorable. Esp. since you chase their toys around, often running under them without a care in the world.

Btw, it's now perfectly obvious that you have no problem climbing anything in the house. Now we have to re-rat-proof the living room. Please stop trying to get onto my computer desk, though!  Mom can't type with a rat on the keys.

And I am very proud that you found your way up the stairs and back into my bedroom. Stop being mad about the barrier we erected  on the stairs. The upstairs in not-rat-proofed, and I don't want you to get stuck in the washer or dryer tube. Cause we both know you would go in there. This is why we stuff towels under the fridge when you are running about.

Oh, hi! You are back from the bookcase? Okay, I'll play with you.


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